Quick and eXtensible solutions.

Stop re-inventing the wheel. Rely on us to develop quick and eXtensible solutions based on expert process analysis and forecasting. Our range of technology services include embedded, mobile, and web application development and deployment.


Qwikx Inc. announces strategic partnership with Geckos Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Visakhapatnam, India. to grow our core business and to expand our new product offerings in the areas of embedded, mobile, and web applications.

what drives us

Solving a new problem everyday and to realize that we made a difference.

Mobile Apps. Count on us to deliver iOS and Android Apps. with best in class UX design.

Security. We take security seriously, from design to implementation. Every aspect of development cycle goes through a security review.

E-commerce. We can help you launch an online store and handle your e-commerce, data-analytics and forecasting needs.

Turnaround. We work round the clock with our distributed development centers, so be rest assured of fastest turnaround.

Return On Investment. Our commitment to deliver the product that is best-in-class, on-time and within budget is our promise to you.

24/7 support. We’re always here for you no matter what time of day.


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